Cleaning Green

….is more than using green labeled chemicals.  Cleaning Green goes beyond your everyday cleaning.  Cleaning Green incorporates dispensing technology, chemicals, tools and equipment that help you clean for health and the environment.

What is Cleaning Green?

Cleaning Green is an initiative that attempts to achieve a healthier and cleaner environment.  The products and services that fit into the environmentally-friendly category cause less toxic pollution and waste, protects resources and habitations, and decreases global warming and the depletion of the ozone.

Why Should I Clean Green?

Cleaning Green uses procedures and products that reduces the exposure of customers, visitors, employees and other staff members to harmful chemicals, seeks to improve indoor air quality and protect the environment.

Where Should I Go Green?

No matter the location, Cleaning Green is always a smart idea.  Schools, Hospitals, office buildings and restaurants, and industrial plants are a few ideal lo
cations to Clean Green. Cleaning Green can help the environment, but also keeps in mind the health and safety of the occupants.

Who Should Go Green?

  • Any public or private facility that cleans
  • Any facility that wants to use the environmentally-friendly products
  • Any facility that wants to uphold a good standard for indoor air quality
  • Any facility that is concerned with the use of chemicals indoors
  • Any facility that may have employees and/or customers with allergies or sensitive immune systems
  • Any facility seeking LEED-NC or LEED-EB certification

Benefits of Cleaning Green

  • Healthier facilities for employer/employees
  • Reduce the amount of sick days
  • Decrease water and air pollution
  • Lessen waste with use of concentrated products
  • Reduce packaging waste

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