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Education Market


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How can Central Paper help?

Central Paper is Focused on YOU. We help you keep your school clean and your students healthy.

Clean for Health
We emphasize “Cleaning for Health.” Our goal is for students to be as healthy as possible so that they are able to be in class. The cleaning programs we design feature products that are safe and do not negatively impact young respiratory systems.

Cooperative Purchasing Program
We incorporate National IPA, the leading governmental cooperative purchasing organization, to help control total procurement costs. National IPA contracts include products across broad categories, ranging from paper towels to power mowers. Our program has been competitively solicited and publicly awarded. National IPA is approved by the State of Alabama Board of Examiners under code 1975.

Our team speaks Sustainability. We will happily survey your school and help you to begin or to continue your journey to becoming more sustainable.

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